XF2 [8WR] XenAtendo 2 (Calendar) PRO – Calendar For XenForo 2

F2 [8WR] XenAtendo 2 (Calendar) PRO – calendar for XenForo 2

XenAtendo 2  is a flexible and powerful calendar management plugin, events let you schedule events on a separate XenForo 2 page.

XenAtendo 2 Features:

View events by Day, week, and month

  • Fully extensible design for mobile devices
  •  Create events with the ability to link topics to them
  • Events can have a frequency Recurring
  • Users can subscribe to events and receive notifications about them
  • Integration of Google maps with geographic location and address search
  • Users can filter events by their distance in relation to themselves.
  • Events can be sorted by a predefined list of keywords
  • Export of calendar of events in iCal and CSV format
  • And much more

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Demo:  https://8wayrun.com/calendar/

XF2 [8WR] XenAtendo 2 (Calendar) PRO


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