WooCommerce Multi Currency Premium {v2.1.10}


WooCommerce Multi Currency Premium

Download WooCommerce Multi-Currency Premium – If you have a WooCommerce store, WooCommerce Multi-Currency is an essential complement for you. WooCommerce Multi Currency allows its customers to switch between currencies and helps your store accept payments in multiple currencies. The exchange rate can be set manually or automatically. The add-on can automatically obtain the geolocation of the clients and show the price in the native currency of the clients.

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Each time you change money from one currency to another, the bank or the money transfer operator may apply a currency exchange fee. The difference between the exchange rate they decide to apply and the real exchange rate negotiated in the market is the currency exchange rate. WooCommerce Multi-Currency allows you to add permanent exchange rates to exchange rates.

WooCommerce Multi-Currency allows you to configure custom prices in different currencies in each product. Fixed prices will overwrite prices calculated by exchange rates. The plug-in allows you to hide coins that you don’t want to be displayed in the front-end.




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