Jobhunt 1.2.3 – Job Board WordPress Theme For WP Job Manager


Jobhunt 1.2.3 – Job Board WordPress theme for WP Job Manager

Jobhunt 1.2.3 The best template for a site with jobs and job offers in WordPress. The main function of the theme is to determine how the website looks and not how it works. The “how it works” part is intended for plugins and is called plugin territory. Many “job search” topics attempt to include features that are clearly beyond the scope of the topic, thus invading the territory of the plugin.

This causes great discomfort for the user, since the user can never change the theme, its data and its functionality. This theme makes the website look beautiful and convenient, while the WP Job Manager plugin provides functionality. Jobhunt is an easy-to-use, carefully designed and fast-running WordPress Job Board theme based on the WP Job Manager principle of problem separation. It supports all the features of WP Job Manager,



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