Font Awesome Pro 5.13.0 – Get More Icons, Tools And Support


Font Awesome Pro 5.13.0 – Get more icons, tools and support

Download Font Awesome Pro 5.13.0 – If you are covered by a Pro license, you can use it in many ways: websites and applications, desktop design software, Powerpoint and Keynote, embedded in your mobile applications and much more. Pro is commercial software, so there are some restrictions. The most important is that you cannot distribute Pro to people who are not specifically covered by the license (for example, you cannot provide the files in your open-source public repository).

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First, it is about whether those others are creators, people who create or edit content with Font Awesome Pro. If they are creators, you must assign them one of their license seats. Creators can also embed Pro in projects, then move on to non-creators in some limited cases (implement software with embedded Pro, print a file with Pro icons, etc.) if those non-creators ever need to modify or create new content in those projects, they would have to assign them one of their license seats.



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