Dynamic Content For Elementor – WordPress Plugin


Dynamic Content for Elementor – WordPress Plugin

Download Dynamic Content for Elementor – You can send emails with the design easily created in the Elementor templates. You can export the data received from the forms to any external service. You can save in the database all the data received from the forms such as Mail, Term or User. Generate a PDF with dynamic form data to store or send as an email attachment. Tired of the usual banal messages? Show an enchanted message full of color and content. Add conditional logic to the form fields, create a variable form based on the user’s choice.

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You can integrate the repeater field into your post and page templates to create Grid, Masonry, Table, Slide, and Carousel. You can apply TOKEN in all text fields and numbers, in addition, the Elementor-pro form can accept dynamic values to pre-fill the field value. A button to generate pdf of the page or of a specific part. Ideal for creating the paper page using the Elementor template.

To store data by user, global or in cookies, you can create wish lists or remember the pages that your users like. Improve the potential of your website through additional widgets, expanding the functionality of Elementor. Dynamically control your different components using Elementor templates.




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