Chat 2 By Siropu {2.1.8} Download Free


Chat 2 by Siropu 2.1.8

Download Chat 2 by Siropu – It is an AJAX chat plugin for XenForo 2. In the last update, previously announced chat and style bugs were fixed.

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  • Rooms
  • Separate guest room with the nickname
  • Archive with search criteria
  • Most active chat users page
  • Personal correspondence
  • Sounds, notifications for desktop and browser tab
  • Global teams (21 teams that you can control and you can also add your own teams)
  • User Commands (can be used to configure preset messages/responses using a command)
  • User settings
  • User states
  • Rights for user groups
  • For tricks for users (remove from room/block in chat / prohibit writing in the room, etc.)
  • Possibility of uploading images to chat through a special form
  • Style settings
  • Many settings for the administrator to enable/disable some functions
  • Bot notifications about new topics, messages, users, resources, albums/media
  • Bot responses can be triggered by predefined keywords
  • Automatically post bot messages at a set time/date
  • Show ads in chat (rotation is supported)
  • Show ads in chat (rotation is supported)
  • Chat rules page
  • In and jet rooms
  • Widget of the most active chat users
  • Online chat users widget

Chat is loaded as a widget, and you can configure it to download chat at certain times on specific devices.

Chat uses the built-in XenForo advanced text editor and can disable individual buttons / BB codes.

Chat 2 By Siropu


2.0.18 XenForo 2.0.x


2.1.8 XenForo 2.1.x


Russian language:


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